On Wednesdays, We Foster Kittens

On Wednesdays, We Foster Kittens

Amanda Seyfried is a foster cat mom (and human mom) extraordinaire!

By Kristyn Pomranz

Poor Amanda Seyfried will never live down her arguably most famous role as Karen in Mean Girls. Although she has starred in myriad movies since Tina Fey’s cult hit, Seyfried's lovable ditz character who could predict the weather with her boobs has become her legacy. And as such, all articles about her are titled with tinges of Mean Girls, such as “Get In Loser, We’re Going Swimming,” or “On Wednesdays, We Foster Kittens.” (Sorry not sorry.)

But we digress. We are really here to talk about the fact that Amanda Seyfried is an angel from animal advocacy heaven. See, despite the fact that Seyfried and her husband Thomas Sadoski recently had their first baby—a daughter whose name has yet to be revealed—they decided that one tiny, needy creature wasn’t enough, so they brought home a basket of three kittens and their mom to foster! (Keep in mind, they have a rescue dog named Finn, too!)

The couple is fostering from Best Friends Animal Society and will be keeping them in their care until they are old enough to be adopted. But that time may come sooner than Seyfried was anticipating. She recently told PEOPLE, ““It’s such a truncated version of what I’ve gone through with my daughter. They grow up so fast.” She also said that she was amazed by the mother cat, who she called “a natural," which is just the cutest thing we've ever heard.

Seyfried is a well-documented animal lover: Her rescue dog Finn is so frequently photographed by her side that fans will stop and ask where he is. And now, she's promoting the annual October event called Strut Your Mutt, a cities-wide charity dog walk where animal lovers trot alongside hundreds of dogs to help raise money for Best Friends Animal Society.

But in the meantime (does she even have any meantime?!), she’s devoting her energy to advocating for Los Angeles’ advancement to a no-kill city—and she’s raising awareness one tiny foster kitten at a time. We salute Seyfried for her hard work on behalf of all animals, and for spreading the #AdoptDontShop message!

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