Amy Schumer’s Sister Tells Her “No Instagram Pics On the Toilet”

Amy Schumer’s Sister Tells Her “No Instagram Pics On the Toilet”

The comic's younger sister sometimes has to reel her in.

By Marianne Garvey

Amy Schumer graces the latest cover of Vanity Fair, and looks beautiful in shots by famed photographer Annie Leibovitz, but of course it comes back to the comedian’s sense of humor.

Woops wrong photo. Here I am!

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Amy’s sister and constant companion, Kim Caramele, known as #roadmanager to Amy’s Instagram followers, is also a writer on Inside Amy Schumer and says that she’s protective over her older sister, and sometimes needs to let her know when something needs to stay private.


A photo posted by @amyschumer on

“I’d go to all her [stand-up] shows,” Kim tells the magazine. “I was really the liaison between her and the venues. I’d talk to the venue, make sure that everything was O.K., that she had everything she needed, that the house was opening on time. Which is funny, as one thinks back on it, because usually when you see people and their managers, they don’t look like me. I would show up in sweatpants and braids, and people would be like, ‘Who the f**k is this girl?’ I’d be”—she affected an angry, manager-y voice—“ ‘This stool doesn’t have a back and it should.’ And they’d be, ‘Uh, what … ?’ But it made sense because I wanted everything to go well because I love her and care about her. It was a really natural protective thing for me to do.”

She explains that Amy is not an emotional wreck like her Trainwreck character, but that she likes to keep her in check sometimes. 

“She’s not like this dramatic person who will call me with problems every night. She doesn’t call for emotional support. It’s more like if she tweets something or posts a picture of herself on Instagram sitting on a toilet, I’ll text her and be like, ‘Babe … ?’ And she’ll be like, ‘Sorry!’ She used to ask me, like, ‘Can I tweet this?’ And I’d be, ‘No!’ But now she doesn’t ask me and I just yell at her after the fact.”

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