This Is Anthony Bourdain's Brilliant R-Rated Career Advice for Anyone Who Wants His Job

This Is Anthony Bourdain's Brilliant R-Rated Career Advice for Anyone Who Wants His Job

Listen up.

By The Feast Staff

"I have the best job in the world, and I'm gonna keep doing it it until I pretty much can't do it anymore," Anthony Bourdain told the audience in Boston during the live 15-city tour of his show, "The Hunger," over the weekend.

Whatever your feelings about Bourdain, you'd probably agree: The guy has a sweet gig. Make that a sweet three hundred gigs, since not only does Bourdain have his own hit show Parts Unknown for CNN, but he's also starred in the Emmy-winning No Reservations and other shows, been a chef, a bestselling author and publisher, and continues to rake in the cash with his phenomenal 2000 memoir Kitchen Confidential. Plus he has a new cookbook coming out this month.

So how do you get to be like Bourdain? In one portion of his show, as Eater reports, Bourdain answers a series of FAQs about his career and life. "How do I get your job?" is a question he gets all the time. 

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His answer?

“F*** up. Drop out of college. Don’t concentrate. Do a lot of cocaine and heroin.”

In an earlier interview with Men's Journal, Bourdain said about his lifestyle: "it paid off! All that f***ing up seemed to directly get paid off. " He added, "You learn a lot of skills that are useful when dealing with Hollywood or the business world. In a world full of bullsh**, when you need something as badly as drugs, your bullsh** detector gets pretty acute."

So there you have it. But Bourdain does have a couple of other useful career pointers too, and he offered some up in that Men's Journal interview. About an early restaurant job he had, Bourdain recalled, "If you didn’t show up 15 minutes exactly before your shift — if you were 13 minutes early — you lost the shift, you were sent home. The second time you were fired. I make all my major decisions on other people based on that: Give the people you work with or deal with or have relationships with the respect to show up at the time you said you were going to."

Besides being on time, know when to say No: "People are going to offer you a lot of things, and I always have to ask myself, “Okay. This might be good and profitable today or tomorrow, but will this thing be good for me in a year or in two years when everybody thinks I’m an a**hole for having done it?” Bourdain said in the interview. 

We'd also add to Bourdain's how-to-be-like-him list: You should also try to kick ass at martial arts; get inspired by what people more successful than you are doing (cue a certain memorable wedding scene from Bourdain's formative years). And be funny

Very funny.

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