7 Most Hospitable Airports for Nursing Mothers

7 Most Hospitable Airports for Nursing Mothers

Jet-setting mamas, this is for you!

Being a nursing mom on the road aint easy. Trying to juggle a kiddo (or two or three) alongside your luggage is no small feat. And even when the babe isn't present, mom's milk production doesn’t stop, so she needs to find a place to pump. New moms, are we right?!

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Figuring out how to do all of these things in an airport — along with all the requisite other hoop jumping — can be a huge travel buzzkill... but not everywhere. Here are some excellent amenities created for breastfeeding moms.

1. San Francisco International Airport

SFO goes above and beyond just providing nursing moms with a private and clean space to nurse or pump (though some airports don’t even do that). At SFO, there are nurseries that include a family restroom in every terminal — before and after security. The private rooms can be unlocked via the airport courtesy phone; just pick it up and request access and someone will be on their way. Oh, and for older kids? Amuse them with a visit to the the airport's resident therapy pig — no big deal.

2. Hong Kong International Airport

This airport boasts not one or two or three but 31& nursing rooms throughout the airport, all of which include features to facilitate easy changing and feeding for moms and babes.

3. Seattle Tacoma Airport

At the Seattle Tacoma Airport, between Central Terminal and Gate A, there’s a kids' playroom, within which mamas can find rocking chairs, adjustable lighting, and even foot stools. This is a perfect place for a nursing mother to get a little space, with or without her offspring. There’s also a mother’s suite in Central Terminal and two newly added nursing pods, each of which can accommodate a mother and child and come equipped with power outlets for pumping ladies, too.

4. Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

At the Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, nursing moms can not only feed and change their babies in a private and comfortable place, but they can bathe them there, too! There are seven cabins available for parents that are complete with beds. (Hey America, are you listening?)

5. Minneapolis St. Paul International Airport

The MSP airport has two lactation centers (both in Terminal 1, one near Gate F2 and the other near Gate C13) and they each have a deep sink, outlets, soft lighting, and a comfy place to sit while cleaning that pump after a sesh. To get into one of these lactation rooms, just drop by the information center or call the manager on duty. There’s also a family center in Terminal 1 where mothers might like to nurse or pump. It has rocking chairs, a crib, comfortable seats, and a bathroom. In addition to these options, MSP also offers a children’s play area in each terminal.

6. Singapore Changi Airport

Singapore has a way of offering state-of-the-art amenities across the board, so it comes as no surprise that this high standard is extended to taking care of traveling nursing mamas. In the Singapore Changi Airport, there are Baby Care rooms where moms can get some privacy and comfortable seating for nursing and they can access hot water, as well — which is handy for cleaning as well as for warming food. And the airport has lots of baby care rooms, so you might be able to get one all to yourself.

7. Zurich Airport

Zurich really steps up its game for those traveling with little kids. The Zurich airport includes breastfeeding, sleeping, and changing areas, but it also goes way beyond that. Baby products are available for use and there are even kitchenettes parents can rely on for the ability to warm food or serve other types of food to children with utensils and seating handy. There's also a playroom for children with toys suitable for all ages — even a PlayStation, computer games, and a crafting area.

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