I Tried These 6 Pinterest Travel Beauty Hacks... That Actually Worked!

I Tried These 6 Pinterest Travel Beauty Hacks... That Actually Worked!

Just as advertised.

If your lifestyle choices involve frequent travel — and you have a deep love for it — chances are these packing hacks for beauty products show up in your Pinterest feed on the regular. But as we all know, things on Pinterest aren't always how they appear. While there are plenty of crash-and-burn ideas on the site, here are six that I've tried in real life... and work like charms.

1. Bring busted makeup back to life with alcohol.

Honestly, I've done this three times to the same blush — and it does work. Luggage gets tossed around and blushes and bronzers are often casualties of the chaos. But, don't throw them out! When you get to your destination, simply press down all the pieces, drop a little rubbing alcohol around the top, and then push plastic wrap down on it while you hold it flat. Once the alcohol evaporates, your pricey makeup will be good as new.

To prevent breakage in the first place when you travel, you can put cotton pads or cotton balls inside the bronzer lid.

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2. Seal products and prevent spills with plastic wrap.

When you pack your favorite shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, and sunscreen, it's always good to put them in a Ziplock bag in case they burst open. But this hack works wonders and takes protection a step further: Take the top off the bottle and add a layer of plastic wrap between the bottle and the lid.

No, it's not factory sealed, but it does add another layer of insurance between the shampoo and your cocktail dress.

3. Use straws to keep jewelry tangle free.

Putting your rings in pillboxes? Waste of space. Putting your earrings through button holes? Meh. Here's my preferred method among the strategies: If you have dainty necklaces that tangle easily, put each through a straw and then close the chain. It's that simple, and totally works.

4. Make your own travel sizes.

The easiest thing to do is to simply buy travel sizes of your favorite products — but that's far from the most cost-effective way to go. And some of your faves might not even come in travel size. There are dozens of hacks circulating out there to overcome this obstacle — and many don't work. Here's one that does: Add your creams to the two sides of a contact lens case. It's not much room, but it will get you about a week's worth of something like eye cream, for instance.

Beyond that, here's a bonus tip: The large size it's always cheaper than the travel size by volume. So, if you buy a travel-sized tub of facial moisturizer just once, keep it and refill it before each trip with more from your normal-sized container.

5. DIY beach-hair product on the fly.

Sea salt spray is life for travelers; it creates effortless-looking beach hair without much fuss. But it can be spendy to purchase top brands — and harder to travel with in volumes that exceed TSA limits. So just DIY the stuff! In a spray bottle, mix water, hair gel, and sea salt — ingredients easily available just about anywhere around the world — and get to looking fab on the road.

6. Breeze through security with solids.

This tip is ideal for the hardcore, always-on-the-road chicks — like me! You can swap your shampoo and conditioner for solid versions of the stuff. Seem like a good idea but skeptical of actual results? I've tried LUSH's combo solid bar — and while it's not as good as salon shampoo, it's still very good and does lather up. You can even buy solid face wash.

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