Biography of Rolling Stone Founder Reveals He Left His Wife for a Man

Biography of Rolling Stone Founder Reveals He Left His Wife for a Man

Jann Wenner thinks the massive new biography on his life is "flawed and tawdry."

By Tamara Palmer

Rolling Stone founder Jann Wenner initially gave his blessing to the new 547-page biography of his life, Sticky Fingers: The Life and Times of Jann Wenner and Rolling Stone Magazine, but now that it's out, he's unhappy about it.

The book is "deeply flawed and tawdry, rather substantial," he told New York Times of author Joe Hagan's effort.

Wenner seems to be particularly sensitive about the portrayal of the end of his marriage more than 20 years ago. Among the 250 interviews Hagan conducted over four years, he interviewed Wenner and ex-wife Jane, who he left for a man in 1994, a move she called "cruel."

Hagan told Billboard that Wenner de-friended him on Instagram and went "radio silent" after that, saying, "Through the grapevine, I've heard that he thinks it’s salacious. And he hates the title. He doesn’t like the sexual stuff."

"I have a great affection for Jann," he added. "But the thing that I felt like I could do for him is make an accurate mirror of his life. Whether he can bear to look at it is not my cross to bear. I did my job."


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