We Feel Blessed: Busy Philipps Pledges She Will Not Break Up with Michelle Williams

We Feel Blessed: Busy Philipps Pledges She Will Not Break Up with Michelle Williams

...Like, ever.

By Jocelyn Vena
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Hollywood is filled with super-cool BFFs, but there is no pairing more beloved than that of Busy Philipps and Michelle Williams. We mean, the world simply cannot get enough of the former Dawson's Creek co-stars turned pals. And when Personal Space recently chatted with Phillips, she weighed in on the world's obsession with her and her gal pal.

"They are and they're not — it's sort if interesting. They wouldn't be interested if I wasn't an actress, you now what I mean? They're not interested in me and my best friend Emily. They're only interested in me and Michelle Williams because we're both actresses."

Ladies rooms are the best rooms.

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Phillips noted that people are infatuated with them the same way they are with other A-list besties. She said, "It's like the Naomi Watts/Nicole Kidman thing, or like J.Lo and Leah Remini. You know people just love two famous people who find each other. And at least ours, you know, we're not gonna like break up. So you can really invest in this relationship. We're not gonna break up."

Found her. Happy birthday to my better half. I love you, M. You make everything better. 💞

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Just two BFFs on lunch break. #ifeelpretty

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In addition to remaining tight nearly 15 years after Dawson's Creek wrapped up, she admits that she's close to many of her former co-stars.

"I wouldn't say just as close, but Linda Cardellini and I have been friends; we were friends actually before we did Freaks and Geeks together because we both went to Loyola Marymount University. So we met when I was freshman in college and she was like a junior, i think. So Linda Cardellini and I stay in touch and pretty close contact. And she's someone that I know I'll just be in contact with for the rest of my life. And actually a lot of the Freaks and Geeks guys like Seth [Rogen] and James [Franco] and Martin [ Starr ] and John Francis Daley. Actually I see basically all of them," she said, laughing. "And Judd [Apatow]; I mean I keep in contact with all those guys. And then from Dawson's... Michelle and I are so close, but I see or talk to or check in with the other guys from time to time." (We wonder if this topic ever comes up...)

She chats more about her Dawson's Creek days, below.

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