Now Cats Can Stay in the Five-Star Hotel Their Fancy, Fussy Selves Deserve

Now Cats Can Stay in the Five-Star Hotel Their Fancy, Fussy Selves Deserve

Only the best for your feline bestie.

By Bryce Gruber

If you've ever felt conflicted about leaving your feline friend behind while you jet set off to every exotic corner of the globe, get ready to rest easier: Luxury cat hotels are becoming a thing.

Even better? The hotel billing itself as the first one of its kind — Catzonia — is also billing itself as a five-star property. So you can relax in style knowing your furry bestie is doing the same.

So what exactly does a five-star cat hotel offer that plain old kitty boarding doesn't? For starters, your furry BFF will have the ability to pee, poop, and hack hairballs in privacy thanks to separate "toilet" facilities for VIP guests.

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Catzonia is based in Malaysia for now, but plans to expand its luxurious pet offerings soon.

For now, cats can stay in one of four room styles, including the hotel's poshest offering, the VVIC. That's exactly what you think it is — the Very, Very Important Cat room — which can fit up to 10 adult cats (or a mother with a fresh litter) and comes with three king-size kitty beds and a separate toilet. This is ideal for a birthing suite for the Beyonce of kitties, obviously. (You know who you are.)

All rooms come complete with Wi-Fi (we can't make sense of this, given cats' limited use of thumbs, but amenities are amenities), air conditioning, and top-notch feline-friendly food.

Regular cleanings are apparently also part of the deal. For particularly hands-on owners, the facilities offer closed-circuit TV, which means just about anyone with a password can log in by smartphone or computer to monitor their cat's every move. 

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Rooms go for RM 25 a night, which is about $8 USD — a huge bargain for the (pet parent of the) discerning feline.

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