Cats and Ferrets Enjoy Playing Together and There's Video Proof

Cats and Ferrets Enjoy Playing Together and There's Video Proof

Meet the professional wrestlers of the animal world.

By Tamara Palmer

One day, a friend mentioned that they were going to get a cat for his family household, where a ferret already lived. Unsure of whether this would be an interspecies love connection, YouTube was consulted for advice and the site turned out to be a goldmine of information about whether it could be a match.

YouTube revealed that cats and ferrets definitely love to play fight.

After you've watched a few you will surely notice a pattern of which animal is a little more bold.

There's also a real air of professional wrestling that happens with the best of them.


Though it's not always about battle; sometimes it's about the joy of co-discovery.


Ferrets aren't known to be cuddlers and have a short attention span, so there aren't a bunch of cat-ferret spooning videos out there, though there really should be. There are a few brief moments out there and they are rather magical to behold.

A rescue cat adopted by ferrets started thinking it was a ferret, too, so that's happened, and that's when the cuddling gets good. 

As for the friend's new cat, which he decided to adopt after watching videos like these, she's currently terrified of the family ferret, but the air is still hopeful.

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