Charlie Sheen Wants to Change Your Mind About Skeevy Travel

Charlie Sheen Wants to Change Your Mind About Skeevy Travel

And he's the perfect pitchman for the concept.

By Alesandra Dubin

For all of his, er, antics, Charlie Sheen could always benefit from some image remaking, wherever he can get it. So too could hostels, the type of accommodation that you may associate with dubious comfort and safety, relegated to student-travel desperation. Enter an advertising marriage made in heaven.

Charlie Sheen is the new pitchman for the affordable lodging platform Hostelworld, having recently filmed a serious of videos meant to help both the site and the actor boost their reputations — with a playful twist.

Each clip kicks off with a shocking headline that seems to imply Charlie is up to his old trouble-making tricks... but then each short vid demonstrates there's really nothing shady to see.

For instance, one begins with the headline: "Charlie Sheen bashes bishop in hostel." Don't worry, guys — it turns out to be a friendly game of chess.

The one about Charlie Sheen "cooking up in a hostel?" That's about him harmlessly preparing a pork chop.

Of course the headline about Charlie "sleeping with seven people in a hostel" is about a shared room with bunkbeds!

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