9 Childhood Halloween Candies You Probably Forgot About

9 Childhood Halloween Candies You Probably Forgot About

Reminisce over the retro treats that defined your youth.

The big annual excuse to go candy crazy known as Halloween is finally here — hooray! Kit Kats, Snickers, Junior Mints, Skittles, Reese’s — whatever your poison, it’s probably being sold in bulk at a brightly colored display inside your neighborhood convenience store right this very moment. (We'll wait while you go make a run — you know, "to get ready for the trick-or-treaters.")

But what about the candies you don’t see every time you’re standing in the checkout line? The ones you totally forgot since the last time you trick-or treated? There are dozens worth summoning from our collective cultural memory for old time's sake — and the ones that resonate with you will depend on your age and where you’re from — but we’ve rounded up 9 forgotten treats here to kickstart your sweet memories. 

1. Push Pops

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Debuting in 1986, these lollipops disguised as something way more fun were all the rage. If you had five, you could stick one on each finger and pretend you had claws. If you only had one, you could lick it into a surprisingly sharp point that was basically the equivalent of a playground shiv. Actually, these are pretty hardcore, come to think of it.

2. Candy Buttons

Where did these lemon/lime/orange flavored little buttons stuck to wax paper go? Well… frankly we don’t care. Finding one of these things in your Halloween bag was, put simply, the worst. Maximum effort to peel them off that little white paper (with some scraps inevitably left behind), minimum reward in terms of flavor or enjoyability. And hello, not even wrapped for a sanitary/safety guarantee. We get why these fell by the wayside.

3. Hubba Bubba

You probably remember Hubba Bubba brand from its signature six-foot roll of bubble tape (though it always seemed much shorter) but it also offered lots of other fun products —  like the powdered Hubba Bubba Bubble Jug, which was one part delicious, one part asthma hazard, and one part witchcraft.

4. Dum Dums

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If you visit your local bank branch or budget family haircut place, then you probably have seen Dum Dums lately. Otherwise, they’ve likely disappeared from your life. To refresh, Dum Dums come in delicious flavors (blue raspberry), nasty flavors (butterscotch), and total tossups (what the hell, mystery flavor?).

5. Sweet Tarts

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You were never super excited about finding Sweet Tarts in your trick-or-treat haul, but you weren’t particularly upset either. They were no peanut M&M’s, but they were, you know, fine for variety. And hey, at least they weren’t pennies.

6. Warheads

Sure, time might have exaggerated our memory a bit, but we feel pretty confident saying these were the sourest candies on the face of the planet earth. Holding one on your tongue without wincing was the mark of a true grade school badass.

7. Candy Necklaces

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Fun to wear, fun to nibble on, but gross when you got to the end and were left with just a wet drool-covered piece of twine with a few sad candies waiting to be eaten. Still, the coolest kids all rocked edible jewelry at one point or another.

8. Butterfinger BBs

D’oh! We can’t believe we almost forgot about these. Marketed heavily by the Simpsons at the height of the comic's fame, these tiny, bite-sized Butterfingers were yum by the handful. Unfortunately they ceased production in 2006, but that hasn't stopped a number of petitions to bring them back.

9. Blow Pops

Forget Tootsie Pops — getting to the center of one of these (relatively) industrial-sized lollipops was a real workout. We don't really know anyone still buying buying these, but no matter what it seems like they’re always around, and maybe they always will be... somewhere. And that's comforting.

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