Chris Evans' Singing Dog Dodger Brings Us the Joyful Internet Content That We Deserve

Chris Evans' Singing Dog Dodger Brings Us the Joyful Internet Content That We Deserve

Sing, you fine canine siren!


By Stacy Lenz

Chris Evans: actor, Avenger, ex of fellow dog lover, Jenny Slate, is in the news again for his special relationship with his canine life partner Dodger. We have since forgiven him for the time a poorly worded tweet made us lose our minds thinking some sort of tragedy had befallen dear Dodger. Despite said incident, Chris has continued tweeting with reckless abandon, but luckily the only attention his recent dog tweets have garnered has been positive. Dodger Evans, adopted on the set of Chris' movie Gifted, is one of our fave celebrity doggos, happy, adorable and devoted ... but most importantly, this pup can sing!

Dodger’s duet partner is his favorite toy, a stuffed lion. Not content to just play with a stick like non-famous dogs, Dodger has some fancy toys; specifically this one that plays The Lion Sleeps Tonight (natch) when you press his paw. Celebrity dogs — they aren't just like us. While we know that Dodger is Chris’ best friend, we are pretty sure that this lion may have usurped Chris’ place in Dodger’s heart. Seriously, we’ve never heard Chris and Dodger harmonize like this to create beautiful music (or even some sort of cute close approximation to music).

The video also provides us more than just heartwarming ear candy. We catch the faintest look of shade from Dodger when Chris presses the paw again hoping for a repeat performance. We also are PRETTY SURE that we heard Jenny Slate's laugh in the background as response to Dodger’s canine mooooooo and are hoping against hope that it’s a sign that the two dog-loving celebs have rekindled their romance.

The hits keep coming! To quote Captain America himself, “It doesn’t get old.” Dodger has given a few repeat singing performances and we're fairly certain that his skills are improving. Chris calls him a little pitchy but we're offended on Dodger’s behalf, we would 100% pay cold hard cash to go see a dog choir staring this dear Arf-venger. (And if the video below is any proof he's a pretty fine dancer too!)

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