Chrissy Teigen's 7 Best Food Hacks Will Revolutionize Your Time in the Kitchen

Chrissy Teigen's 7 Best Food Hacks Will Revolutionize Your Time in the Kitchen

Learn why you should brown your bananas and coconut your buns.

By Tamara Palmer

Chrissy Teigenย has recently been winding down the recipe development phase of her forthcoming second cookbook, the followup to her wildly popular Cravings. It's not coming out until some time next year, but she's been dropping all kinds of fun nuggets on social media to offer clues on what types of recipes will be in there. Along the way, she's also been inadvertently offering solid advice on ways to hack your kitchen experiences to make sexier food, including:

1. Brown your bananas

Chrissy recently asked more than 8 million Twitter followers one day when she needed some brown bananas to make her banana bread recipeย because brown bananas yield stickier, sweeter results. She needed the bananas so badly, she traded a pair of husband John Legend's underpants to get them right away. Next time you have some on your kitchen table, don't throw them away! Use them to bake yummy banana bread... or get some famous person's skivvies.

2. Coconut your buns

Chrissy shared on Snapchat that she prepares teriyaki chicken burgers with buns that have been brushed with butter, sprinkled with unsweetened coconut flakes, and baked in the oven until golden. Even The Chew thinks that's next level right there and had to try it.

3. Don't be afraid of a quickie

Adding a quick-serve ingredient to something made from scratch is a hack that often works well in the kitchen. Here instant ramen noodles are added to homemade Tom Yum broth in a recipe that reminds Chrissy of her mother.ย 

4. But take your time too

Sometimes, though, the real hack is to spend the time making something from scratch.

5. Make your guacamole say cheese


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Some people were pissed off when they learned from Cravings that Chrissy puts cheese in her guacamole, but it's a quick way to amp up the flavor of a dip. (And don't act like cheese and avocados don't go well together!)

6. Mash it up

To get out of a cooking rut, think about ways you can combine some of your favorite dishes into a new hybrid, like Chrissy's gumbo-laya, a cross between gumbo and jambalaya.

7. Plan ahead in the kitchen

Okay, so you may not need a sandwich in the middle of the night like this model mom does, but taking time to anticipate your future food needs and take care of them can hack your whole food system and make it better.
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