David Bowie’s Son Tries to Help Namesake Dog "Bowie" Get Adopted in Touching Tribute

David Bowie’s Son Tries to Help Namesake Dog "Bowie" Get Adopted in Touching Tribute

We could be heroes...if we help get this dog adopted.

By Kristyn Pomranz

In the days leading up to his late-father’s birthday (and anniversary of his death), Duncan Jones—David Bowie’s son—felt moved to try and help a dog named Bowie get adopted.

According to the staff at Dogs Trust in Bridgend, the three-year-old Lurcher-Collie mix has been overlooked by adoptees because of his different-colored eyes, which are reminiscent of the late, great, glam rock icon’s. (It sounds like he also has his namesake’s personality: “He is a funny character and full of beans.”)

Now, we’re not trying to imply that this dog inherited the literal soul of David Bowie or anything, but Duncan did admit that his plea was a little bit unusual for him...could he have been compelled by a ghost?:

It appears that Bowie is still patiently waiting for adoption. But the Duncan Jones tweet did bring forth a slew of other animals boasting beautiful different-colored eyes, proving they aren't always a deterrant.

In fact, are we insane, or are these animals, like, a gajillion times cooler than most?

Ugh, we miss you so much, David Bowie! We hope that that this dog-elgänger gets adopted soon in your honor.

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