Pizza Party! This Airline Bought 600 Pies for Stranded Passengers

Pizza Party! This Airline Bought 600 Pies for Stranded Passengers

Better than nothing, but not as good as just not being delayed.

By Alesandra Dubin

Flight delays suck — but they're a fact of travel. And that's especially true in cases of severe weather, such as happened this week when hundreds of scheduled flights were canceled on account of intense thunderstorms in Atlanta.

While it's no fun to be delayed — especially when you're rushing off to an important event, or a never-before-seen online date — pizza makes everything a at least marginally better. That was the thinking when Delta Air Lines delivered pizza to stranded travelers across the Southeast region. (Oh, that, of course — and a bit of ROI on the smart customer service move.) Crew also passed out drinks to wash it all down.

Pleased with customer service from an industry overall known these days for cattle-call like indignities with few frills, passengers shared pics of crew handing out slices to folks stuck in planes on the tarmac for hours.

Even a caption got in on the action (given his skill set was not currently being engaged in the activity of flying a plane anyway).

Even though they weren't holed up in a plane, stranded passengers at the Norfolk International Airport also got free pizza. Overall, the airline ordered 600 pies to cover Atlanta and other areas nearby.

Fun fact: For your best chance at an on-time flight, try this airline. No guarantees of pizza.

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