Did You Know There Are Totally Different Reasons Why People Take Selfies?

Did You Know There Are Totally Different Reasons Why People Take Selfies?

Not everyone is completely self absorbed. Good to know. 

By Marianne Garvey

Not every selfie taker is a narcissist.

Some people are simply trying to record a memory, says a new study on selfies and the people who take them. So which category would Kim Kardashian, the ultimate selfie taker, fall into?

The Selfie Study, conducted by Visual Communication Quarterly, created different boxes to define the people who really enjoy taking and sharing pictures of their own faces.

Kim would fall under their “self publicists” category, described as the person not focusing on where they are, and instead focus on themselves and looking good. The focus is on their face or body and they share themselves only at their most attractive in order to promote themselves. They like to manage and control how they look at all times and do not like unapproved shots of themselves popping up.

A second category is the “communicators.” They take selfies not to always show off how amazing they look, but to engage in conversation and comments. They want a laugh or a serious remark or they want to show followers where they are and what they are up to. The picture doesn’t have to be run under 59 filters. It doesn’t have to be perfect. This person is trying to record memories.

A third category is defined as “autobiographers,” who have no interest in showing what they are doing or what they look like. The study says these people are taking selfies to check themselves out on a journey of “self-discovery.” Their selfies and the feedback helps them accept their looks if they are feeling insecure.

The study explained an interesting background on selfie taking, saying it’s not a new phenomenon.

“The first documented self-photograph was taken in October 1839 by photographer Robert Cornelius. This photo is (probably) the world's first selfie,” the survey says. “Whether Cornelius was adjusting his daguerreotype, documenting his existence, or making an artistic statement, just a few reasons historians have found for why people took photographic self images, he preempted the world's latest phenomenon…and that advancements in technology have transformed self-photography into a new, distinct visual genre that has shifted away from serving a memorial function and toward an ephemeral communication purpose.”

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