Do 50 Percent Of All Marriages Still End In Divorce?

Do 50 Percent Of All Marriages Still End In Divorce?

The statistic has been around forever. 

By Marianne Garvey

We’ve all heard it a million times—half of all marriages end in divorce. But is it true?

It used to be, but fortunately, divorce rates have been falling overall for a few decades now, reports Psychology Today.

“The truth is, that the average couple getting married today has more like a 75 percent chance of staying married. That means that only approximately 25 percent of more recent marriages are likely to end in divorce. So, the odds are actually in your favor,” says the report.

“Second, the likelihood of divorce isn't the same for all couples. For some, the chance of a divorce is very slim, and for some marriages the chance of divorce is higher than 50 percent.”

The report also looked at second and third marriages, finding that those people have approximately a 75 percent (or even higher) chance of getting divorced.

“For one, if you have divorced before, you are more likely to do it again. If your partner has also divorced before, then (as you might imagine) the risk of divorce is even higher. Studies show that those who consider divorce a viable option are more likely to use it when times get tough. In addition, those who have previously divorced have ex-husbands and, or, ex-wives (and potentially children from those marriages). These additional people, and the issues they bring with them, can be baggage that can put a strain on a new relationship,” says the report.

Also, when it comes to divorce, there are many factors that go into the decision.

“Going into a life-long commitment with the idea that you only have a 50/50 chance of staying together can be damaging. If you only truly commit half of yourself, it isn't likely to work. If you believe in your heart that the chances of success are a "coin-flip," then you might walk away when things get tough instead of putting in the work necessary for a successful marriage,” says PT.

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