Empanada Dog Steals Our Hearts (And Our Empanadas)

Empanada Dog Steals Our Hearts (And Our Empanadas)

Pink dog food really cannot compare.

By Stacy Lenz

Normally we don’t think about what dogs eat for longer than it takes to say, “Hey, get your snout outta the trash can!” But that all changed thanks to this season of The Real Housewives of Dallas and its dog food afficianado Kameron Westcott.

Kameron had us pondering the big questions—like, Do dogs tire of eating brown dog food?—when she shared her own personal crusade: bringing the world pink dog food. The pink dog food is made by her company, Sparkle Dog Food!, which has the motto “Dogs need to Sparkle on the Inside & Out!”  While we love her, umm, passion, sparkling dog innards are sort of a troubling visual. Unfortunately, we have a few more issues with her business model, namely, do actually dogs want to eat pink food? And more importantly, can dogs even see the color pink? (Science says probably not.)

But worry not, Kammy, we have an even better business idea for you: empanada dog food! We have already done some market research as evidenced in the video below, where a spry pup is drawn by the delicious lure of empanadas. In fact, the enticement of empanadas is so great that he sneaks into a news segment and yoinks one for his own snacking purposes. 

The proof is in the footage: DOGS LOVE EMPANADAS. The product practically sells itself! Now all Kameron needs to do is ask this sneaky pup to be her spokesdog.

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