Dramatic Video Shows Plane Nearly Decapitate a Photo-Snapping Tourist

Dramatic Video Shows Plane Nearly Decapitate a Photo-Snapping Tourist

Would you risk your life for Instagram?

By Alesandra Dubin

A short video going viral right now is the latest cautionary tale that safety must come before selfies… or any other type of vacation photography.

It’s a 12-second clip that shows what happens when an aviation enthusiast named Sébastien Politano gets in position fearlessly — too fearlessly — to shoot a small aircraft landing at Gustaf III airport in St. Barts. 

The plane comes in low for landing, and its landing gear nearly connects with the photographer. But never mind the fact that he’s just been nearly killed: Politano keeps on shooting even after his near-death experience.

The beautiful Caribbean airport is considered one of the most dangerous in the world, known for its difficult landing strip, according to the video's description — and it's popular among plane spotters looking to grab the perfect shot. But if you plan to visit, keep a reasonable distance and, you know, keep your head.


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