These Colorful Candy Rings Aren't Just Stylish, They're Also Edible

These Colorful Candy Rings Aren't Just Stylish, They're Also Edible

These are baubles you'll definitely want to gobble.

By Marcy de Luna

Miss those candy necklaces from your childhood, the ones you could flaunt for a few minutes and then devour? Now there's a grown-up version of edible jewelry, thanks to pastry chef and baubles designer Breanne Butler's new line of haute candy rings. 

Her chic cocktail rings are a throwback to the legendary Ring Pop, and fittingly, they come in a range of nostalgic flavors, from bubble gum to cotton candy, root beer, grape, cherry, green apple and pina colada. And for celebrations, there's a Champagne-flavored candy ring that gives the birthday cake croissant a run for its money. Butler's eye for style brings a modish touch to the edible rings, via rich color combinations and modern shapes.

“When I was working at a Michelin-starred restaurant [the now-closed Rouge Tomate in NYC], I would often reference color palettes and texture in fashion when coming up with a new plated dessert," Butler told The Feast. "There are so many similarities in both fields. The candy rings are a somewhat obvious interpretation of food and fashion, but instead of distressing leather or dying fabric, I'm hand-pulling sugar and painting with edible gold." The rings look like actual jewelry, and "people don't believe it when I tell them it's candy,” Butler adds.

Individual rings range in price from $5 to $10; a pack of three is around $25. “When I first started making them, I would get feedback that girls were happy they could buy a trendy, exaggerated ring that’s a statement piece for one evening, but doesn’t break the bank," says Butler. "And they could eat it at the end of the night.”

The candy is gluten-, dairy- and nut-free, and on request, Butler can make her rings with isomalt so that they’re sugar-free too. As of now, Butler’s candy collection is limited to rings, but with requests pouring in for more varieties of edible jewelry, including earrings, she has high hopes for her small business. “I want them to become a global phenomenon," says Butler. "I really think it could be a 'cronut' situation if I hustle hard enough.”

All photos by Alexandra Amarotico.

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