These Brides Say Their Engagement Rings Have Been Vanishing

These Brides Say Their Engagement Rings Have Been Vanishing

The jewelry company does not have happy customers.

By Marianne Garvey

A string of angry customers who purchased engagement rings from Kay Jewelers are complaining that their jewelry has vanished into thin air. 

 A woman named Nicole Largent tells Buzzfeed that her $21,000 custom-designed Kay Jewelers ring disappeared after she brought it in for inspection and never got it back. Her husband had been following the rules of Kay’s extended service plan, which states that they had to bring the ring in every six months to be inspected for loose stones. While they were demanding answers, one employee told the couple that it had been sent to Jared and couldn’t be traced after that. (Kay Jewelers also owns Jared.)

They’re not the only couple who are claiming to have been burned by the company. The jewelry company’s Facebook page has endless comments from unhappy couples who bought rings there and say they were either lost or ruined.

Let's think of new slogans for kay's --- instead of every Kiss begins with K.... let's see Keep Away You'll be o Kay?.... Kiss Away Your day....Keeping All away Yay!!! a new chant.... How do you say ruin your day..... just buy something at Kay's - YAy !!.. ???? not so good? well lets hear some of yours!” wrote Michele Wogan Lippay.

PLEASE SHARE - SCAM ALERT!! Five and a half weeks ago, Joshua Largent and I had my engagement ring inspected at our local Kay Jewelers. One of the marquise diamonds was loose, and the ring needed to be replated. No big deal. We called prior to pick up, THREE WEEKS ago, to make sure it was in and that we could get it. When we called, we were informed that my beautiful, custom made ring, with a 1.5c Leo Diamond that was hand picked by Josh, had "disappeared" from the Jared in Annapolis, MD, where it was sent to be fixed. Three days later the police had not yet been called, and we had to call the police OURSELVES,” Colleen Denise Franks wrote.

“The details we have at this point:

1. My ring arrived at the store in Annapolis and pictures were taken.2. The employee who took the photos resigned, and was the likely suspect. They were "supposed to interview her" over 2 weeks ago.3. Kay would "replace" my ring and with "a bigger and better quality diamond. 4. THATS IT - No results from the "interview," no new ring, NOTHING. We don't even know at what point it went missing before we were informed it was gone.”

Garbage. I will never use Kay again. Worst service ever. Won't stand behind their products. I have a poster of Kay Jewelry hanging in my showroom explaining how bad they really are. I tell all my friends and family not to go there. Just horrible, horrible customer service,” wrote yet another customer.

Kay spokeswoman Kimberly Kanary replied to the claims with a statement, saying: “As part of our dedication to our guests, we provide inspections on jewelry under warranty every six months. Guests are required to bring in the proper paperwork to be validated at each inspection so that we can be sure that we are keeping an accurate record of service. Upon completion of inspection, each guest will receive an inspection record document that they are able to take with them and keep with the original guarantee paperwork.”

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