Fall Fashion! Hat Inspo From 7 European Fashion Capitals

Fall Fashion! Hat Inspo From 7 European Fashion Capitals

Let wanderlust lead you to the perfect topper for your personality.

The silver lining as we sulkily close the chapter on each summer season? Consoling ourselves by shopping enthusiastically for new fall fashion. And the annual ritual is even more joyful when we combine it with our love of travel to create a perfectly curated wardrobe inspired by our own wanderlust preferences. Get inspired to find your perfect hat this season by considering the European fashion capitals where folks rock the looks in top style.

Berlin: The Fedora

Berliners are some of the coolest people you’ll meet, so of course they rock fedoras. The style is chic and bold, with narrower brim, silk ribbon or belt around the base, and folded top. Berlin locals don’t often feel the need to dress up (they’re effortlessly cool, remember?) but when they do, the fedora is the perfect day-to-night accessory. Whether heading to hipster Kreuzburg or trendy Mitte, you really can’t go wrong with this laid-back style.

Paris: The Beret

Bien sur! Parisians are ridiculously stylish, often without trying, so when it comes to accessories, they opt for a less-is-more approach. Simple but smart, the beret is the quintessential Parisian hat for any occasion. They come in all colors and patterns but many locals opt for neutrals or more subdued tones. Remember to cock it to one side, lest you be mistaken for a tourist.

Milan: The Wide-Brim Hat

Milan is not the city to shy away from limelight and with a hat this wide, your chances of blending into the crowd are slim to none — just how you like it! In the cooler months, felt or suede will keep you warm. Or while the weather's still warm, try sporting a chupalla. Originally from Chile, they are made of straw and look oh-so-chic.

London: The Pork Pie Hat

No, we’re not talking about what’s on the lunch menu! This is an actual hat style, and it’s the perfect mix of high-end glamour and comfort chic. The style is highly manageable — fairly similar to the fedora but with added flair. Whenever you need to spice things up, embellish it with a brooch, feather, or colorful pin.

Amsterdam: The Beanie

Always on the go with their bikes in tow, beanie hats are a must in Amsterdam. It’s not that locals don’t wear other styles (they do!) but the beanie is the best choice of the bunch. Fashionable and functional, these comfy hats won’t blow away with the wind like other styles might. After all, you’ll be biking everywhere, reveling in the cool breeze whipping past your face. In warmer weather, switch to a cap made of a lighter fabric.

Barcelona: The Panama

With pleasant weather year-round and a beach to boot, Barcelona is a trendsetter’s playground. Since Panama hats are more casual, they're easy to pull off with any hairstyle, whether a messy low bun or a sleek braid. It also looks great on all hair styles, from pixie cuts to long waves. 

Monte Carlo: The Floppy Hat

Doesn't a floppy hat just have a certain je ne sais quoi? In all sorts of colors, shapes, embellishments, and textures, there's no shortage of styles to choose from within the category — and while Monte Carlo might not be a fashion capital per se, it's surely a place that appreciates elevated style. The important thing with a floppy hat? Make sure it fits properly, lest it makes you a fashion victim.

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Jet Set is Bravo's launch pad for the most extravagant, luxurious, and unforgettable travel experiences. Ready for takeoff? Then Like us on Facebook to stay connected to our daily updates.

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