Now You Can Buy a Tool That Smells Your Food to Make Sure You Don't Get Poisoned

Now You Can Buy a Tool That Smells Your Food to Make Sure You Don't Get Poisoned

"Always sniff before you swallow," says the breathless host on the gadget's YouTube video.

By The Feast Staff

How many nights have you spent doubled over in agony after an awesome night out? Not because you drank way too much (well, maybe that was part of it) but because something you ate totally wrecked you, ripping out your insides and forcing you to spend the night in the cold, clammy loo? Now you can say goodbye to food poisoning forever with one sleek little gadget.

The Foodsniffer, available at the low low price of $130, will smell your meat or seafood for you, before you even touch it, and let you know if you should eat it, send it back, or throw it in the trash. 

We haven't put our own personal intestines on the line yet to test this thing out, so we can't vouch for its efficacy. But suffice to say we're highly intrigued. And here, we bring you the how-to video. Turn the sound off before you watch this at work, because this is essentially a porn movie (at least the audio part) and you will be fired.

(via GrubStreet)

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