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These Are All the American Foods Gordon Ramsay Hates (Well, 3 of Them, Anyway)

And he's not a fan of extra attention at restaurants, too.

By Drew DiSabatino
3 Reasons Why We Love Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay's new TV show, The F Word, just debuted, and Ramsay has been making the TV rounds to promote it. (He even roasted Andy Cohen's pasta dish—ouch!) Ramsay dropped by The Late Show to talk turkey, literally, with host Stephen Colbert, and was genereous enough to critique Colbert's food, too—one of his all-time favorite Twitter hobbies.

Here's are few things we learned about the world-famous chef, in addition to his take on Colbert's PB&J skills.

1. He Can't Stand Eating Grits

It's not an uncommon stance—even a lot of Americans don't enjoy the Southern dish, which has sort of been a culinary punching bag for awhile. Ramsay describes the dish as rich, heavy, and, more often than not, greasy, but we bet South Carolina native Colbert disagrees.

2. He Wants to Be Treated Like a Normal Customer at Restaurants

Easier said than done when you own 31 restaurants and star in a dozen TV shows, but Chef Ramsay doesn't love being doted on when he visits restaurants. We're sure it happens regardless as chefs are eager to impress the Hell's Kitchen star, but he insists he doesn't need the extra attention. (Which, given how much attention he probably gets everywhere he goes, makes sense.)

3. He's Not a Fan Of Deep-Fried Turkey

"It was f***ing disgusting," is how Ramsay describes the experience of trying a deep-fried turkey for the first time. To be fair to the friend who prepared it for him that one fateful Thanksgiving, it sounds like Ramsay isn't a huge fan of turkey to begin with, joking: "There's a reason we only eat that bird once a year."

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4. His Children Raise Their Own Farm Animals (And Yes, Those Family Pets Eventually Become Dinner)

Chef Ramsay even shared an anecdote about a night his daughter hid her turkey in her wardrobe because she didn't want it go to the slaughterhouse the next day. Ramsay then joked about how he had no choice but to slaughter it then and there instead. At least...we're pretty sure it was a joke. (Oh god, that better have been a joke.)

5. He Thinks American Sandwiches Are Way Too Big

If you've ever been to a proper deli you know he's not wrong, but you also know he's not right either. Biting into one of those bad boys definitely requires an ability to unhinge your jaw like a viper, but we're totally fine with that/will continue to do it all the time, forever.

6. He's Not Impressed By Colbert's PB&J Skills

To be honest, neither are we. He should brush up on Jeff's Table for some pointers.

Check out the full video below for more details/lots of jokes about Spotted Dick.

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