Here Are The Strangest Rules For When You Find Yourself Dating Royalty

Here Are The Strangest Rules For When You Find Yourself Dating Royalty

Curtsying is just the beginning for Meghan Markle.

By Delaina Dixon

Meghan Markle has been spending more quality time with her boyfriend Prince Harry. The two just ended a three-week vacation to Africa, including a romantic getaway to a safari lodge close to the spectacular Victoria Falls (if you recall, Prince William proposed to Duchess Catherine in Africa!).

With the relationship getting this serious, Meghan is undoubtedly perfecting all the rules of being on the arm of a prince. We’re sure she’s learned which forks to use when and how to address the Queen (better known as grandma to Harry) when in her Majesty’s presence.


But there are some even stranger rules ladies have to follow when they are being courted by royalty, according to Alison Read. The creator of FreezeFrames Cool Care Eyewear knows firsthand what it’s like to be involved with royalty. Alison dated Prince Albert II of Monaco – the son of legendary actress Grace Kelly – for six years. Here are some of the unusual rules she was expected to follow while dating a prince. 

“It’s very bad form for a Royal to say they are ready to leave a party before it’s actually over,” Alison reveals. “So whenever I would go anywhere with my paramour – I was given a list of his itinerary, and it was up to me to come up with the excuse to exit the function – I was the fall guy!”

Alison says when dating royalty, get ready for the curtsy because people will be bowing - to you. “Get used to it, even if you feel you’re not worthy,” she declares with a chuckle. “And be careful before sitting down. Everyone will be waiting for you to sit before they do, and if you suddenly get back up – maybe you have your dress stuck in your panties, they’ll get back up again as well.”

As for those long receiving lines Royals partake in at any formal event, Alison says you’ll have your own Devil Wears Prada moment. “You’re going to meet people before your date does, and you need to know everyone’s name and have something interesting to say to them – to show how they are important to you in some way.”

Speaking of Prada… “You better know who you are wearing, because you will be asked,” Alison shares, adding that you won’t be able to wear the same thing twice, due to all the paparazzi photos.

And "I always needed to be approachable because most of the time, carrying on the conversation fell to me.”

Also, to keep from getting a shot that could land you with a star over your privates in the latest gossip rag, "keep the clutch close by if you're wearing a long evening gown, it can be strategically placed," Alison advises. 

If the relationship comes to an end, Alison says manage your expectations for the next guy.

"Don't be disappointed if he shows up in a limo, but there are no motorcades or flags, don't be disappointed." He still may be a prince at heart.

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