Here's the Deadly Reason Why You Shouldn't Scarf All Your Leftover Candy in One Sitting

Here's the Deadly Reason Why You Shouldn't Scarf All Your Leftover Candy in One Sitting

We were busy reveling in our leftover-candy-face-stuffing binge, until we saw this.

By Drew DiSabatino

Halloween has come and gone, but your candy stash almost certainly hasn’t. If you have little trick-or-treaters of your own that you can sneak candy from, or if you just stopped by a drugstore this morning to take advantage of some outrageous 90-percent-off-candy-the-day-after-Halloween-sale (smart move), there are probably going to be at least a few bite-sized pieces of candy within arms reach for the next few days.

And while it’s common knowledge that candy isn’t as good for you as, say, a banana, we totally support and follow in your decision to stuff your face with mini chocolate bars in lieu of breakfast.

As with all indulgences, however, you might be wondering how much Halloween candy is too much candy. How many little pieces of chocolaty-goodness would you have to scarf down before you were really putting yourself in harm’s way?

Wonder no more. Thanks to this video from the American Chemical Society's Reactions YouTube channel, you can now calculate that exact number:

Using national averages, the good folks at Reactions determined that the average American would need to consume about 2,440 grams of sugar (roughly 5.4 pounds of the white stuff) to reach a level of toxicity that would kill half of tested lab rats. (Side note: “Kills half of lab rats” seems like a very fair bar for determining what you should and should not eat.)

In terms of Halloween candy the video also determined that eating fun size candy bars with an average of 9.3 grams of sugar would get you to that “kills half of lab rats” level around your 262nd piece. Considering you’d have eaten ~20,000 calories at that point, you should probably have stopped long before that.

Reactions also did the math to determine it would take 1,627 pieces of candy corn, at 1.5 grams of sugar each, to reach a lethal dose, which would be relevant if we could eat more than one piece without spitting it out.

Death by chocolate, though? We’ll take that any day.

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