Dying To Get Out Of Your Engagement? Do This

Dying To Get Out Of Your Engagement? Do This

Call in the big guns. 

By Jen Glantz

When it comes to love, experts always say, "trust your gut." So what do you do when you find yourself engaged and your gut is screaming, "Please don't go through with this!" Well, you have no choice but to pull the plug on your engagement.

Whether you are looking to end your engagement fast so you can move on with your life, alert your already invited guests, or avoid leaving your soon-to-be ex up at the altar all alone, here are the best four ways to do it ASAP.

1. Chat with a pro

Be honest with your therapist and let them know you want to end your engagement. Perhaps they can walk you through the best steps to take so you're not lost in a screaming match with your significant other or feeling like you didn't prepare enough for the aftermath. If you want to have a therapist involved with your end of the engagement, chat with them about advice.

2. Have back up

If you live with your fiancé or fiancée, plan your exit strategy so that you can each have space after you deliver the news. Set up a place to go after the conversation, whether it's to a friend's house or back home to your family. You'll want to arrange this beforehand for obvious reasons.

3. Write it down

Since it's going to be a tough convo to have, make sure you write out everything you want to say, including the reasons why you are ending the relationship and engagement. Writing it all out will make you feel confident enough to have the conversation sooner rather than later.

4. Freeze your wedding funds

Immediately contact any and all wedding vendors that you've booked so far and let them know the wedding is off. See what kind of refund they can give you or if they'll give you your deposit back.

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