Confession: I Can't Stop Bringing Stray Animals Home

Confession: I Can't Stop Bringing Stray Animals Home

Can't stop. Won't stop.

By Megan Segura

Hello, my name is Megan, and I can't stop adopting animals. 

To be clear, I'm not at hoarding level. I have three cats and one dog, but in New York City, that's considered a lot. Or maybe it's considered a lot everywhere. But I digress...

When I married my husband, Aaron, I had one perfect cat, Tigger, and he had one lovely cat, Allie. It felt like a furrier version of The Brady Bunch— our own adorable blended family. But for me, it wasn't enough. 

Allie never shies away from a second helping of cat food.

One day, I noticed a cute tortoise-shell kitty strolling around our neighborhood. It was clear she was a stray and even had a cropped ear (usually an indicator a cat has been captured, spayed, and released). She was too small to be fending for herself, so I started feeding her and letting her inside, and eventually she became a full-time member of the family.

Around this time, I started floating the idea of adopting a dog (Spoiler alert: We did and accidentally rescued a pregnant pittie), but the compromise was that I couldn't bring any more cats into the mix. That seemed like a fair compromise.

Supertramp enjoying one of her many hobbies.

But then, something unexpected happened, and I did end up rescuing one more cat...

Pip prefers life's simple pleasures, like sitting in a cardboard box.

Once you watch the video above, you'll understand why I couldn't say no to this particular cat, and you'll find out that not all rescue cats are particularly grateful to be taken off the streets. 

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