Duh-Nuh. Duh-Nuh. Duh-Nuh-Duh-Nuh-Duh-Nuh… CORGI ATTACK!!!

Duh-Nuh. Duh-Nuh. Duh-Nuh-Duh-Nuh-Duh-Nuh… CORGI ATTACK!!!

If Jaws starred a stubby dog.

By Kristyn Pomranz

Another year, another Shark Week almost zipped up. While we have brought you a lot of terrific shark articles—such as The 20 Cutest Baby Sharks on Instagram (Who Are Definitely Not Just Puppies in Shark Costumes)—we would be remiss to not do at least one post around the OG piece of shark content: Jaws.

While the quintessential ocean thriller technically featured Roy Scheider, Richard Dreyfuss, and Robert Shaw, we all know that the real star was Mr. Jaws himself—the shark. He put dread in the hearts of seafarers everywhere and made it unsafe to go back in the water. Yes indeed, he made a reeeal reputation for himself as a fearmonger.

But what if Spielberg wanted to give Jaws something of a makeover? What if he wanted to gift his marine friend with a rebranding and make him the beloved hero of a family comedy? Well, sorry shark, but Spielberg should cast this doggo named Zero Marie Hussein Corgibutt, because has a true way with the water that replaces our trepidation with love.

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