KFC Is Making Bath Bombs Now, and We Feel a Little Queasy

KFC Is Making Bath Bombs Now, and We Feel a Little Queasy

Do chicken dinners and baths really need to collide? 

By Jenny Berg

Listen, we get it: fried chicken is delicious. (Some would even say it's finger-lickin' good.) Still, we were, well, confused when we heard that people were painting their nails with edible polish that tastes like Kentucky Fried Chicken snacks. And, we couldn't have predicted that KFC's Extra Crispy Sunscreen would not only exist, but go on to sell out. It's a good thing we're not in product development for the fast-food giant, then — because it seems like its beauty empire is just getting started. And, it would appear that chicken-inspired bath bombs are next up.

Sadly, this is not a drill. If you're starting to feel a little queasy already, look away, because we have more details on what the fizzy bath product smells like. 

Available (for now!) only in Japan, the super-limited-edition is actually called ... wait for it ... Chicken Smell Bathing Powder. Also, it's shaped like a drumstick. To gain access to the dubious bathroom product, the chain's fans will have to retweet KFC's ad for the product between now and November 15. May the best — and most strong-stomached — bather win. 

In the meantime, if you want to try a slightly less bizarre bath-time ritual, you can always take Madonna's lead. The pop icon fills her tub with basil. (It's nice to know that vegan option exists!) There's also the new Barbie bath bombs, which smell like strawberries, bubblegum, and lavender — and have prize rings inside. 

For all bath bombs, biscuits and coleslaw are sold separately. 

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