Khloe Kardashian Actually Loves "Nice, Normal" Cleveland, and Here’s Why

Khloe Kardashian Actually Loves "Nice, Normal" Cleveland, and Here’s Why

The devoted L.A. girl is feeling her new environs.

If you keep up with the Kardashians, then you are well aware that Khloe's new boo, Tristan Thompson, plays in the NBA for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

While Kim stayed back in L.A. when ex-husband Kris Humphries was off playing ball, Khloe is all about being there for Tristan even if it means being in cold Cleveland. Turns out? She actually "loves" it. Khloe sat down with The Talk, where she gushed about the Midwestern city.

The main reason she loves Cleveland, she says, is the family vibes (a.k.a. the presence of her man). She said, "It’s this home, family thing that I’ve been craving that I get to have in Cleveland. We totally thought she had that family thing down back in Calabasas, but it appears the vibe is portable. As she's already said, "vibe" is merely a feeling anyway, and not to be taken too literally!

She also said that "everyone is so nice and it's normal there." (Paging Natalie Portman, who characterized Los Angelenos as the "nice" ones after living abroad in France!)

We'll leave it up to Ohioans to determine whether that comment was backhanded compliment, or purely face value. Indeed, Midwesterners are known for being the nicest folks; when Cambridge did a study among 1.6 million people, respondents overwhelmingly reported they thought the Midwest was the most friendly while conventional region in the country. In fact, CNN thinks the Midwest needs a rebrand given its reputation for dullness. However, despite Khloe's apparent happiness there, a recent study sadly shows that Midwesterners overall aren't very happy.

Khloe also says she loves #CLE because, "It’s a normal routine life. I love to cook, so I get to cook dinner every day." Perhaps it's that Cleveland's hotspot restaurants might not be up to L.A. standards — or perhaps the family vibe (or lack of paparazzi) has her wanting to stay in.

What else does she love about the home of the Cavs? She was so excited about the snow, saying she loves it and it's "so fun." Snow's not exactly standard fare for L.A. winters, but there are great options for seeing it nearby.

She says Tristan tells her she'll be over it in a year, but she doesn't think she ever will be. (Hmmm.)

To some, Cleveland is where the heart is, to others (Khlo!) it's an escape from L.A. life, and to others still it's just a flyover destination. But don't sleep on it: The famous Rock & Roll Hall of Fame is here, and many tourists make the trek just to visit.

For lodging, try staying in the trendy Tremont and Ohio City, which is where the state-famous indoor-outdoor market West Side Market is located. For dining and nightlife, The Flats is the place to go.

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