4-Year-Old Veterinarian Saves the Day After Her Beagle Develops a Limp

4-Year-Old Veterinarian Saves the Day After Her Beagle Develops a Limp

Please enjoy this heartwarming dose of toddler-and-dog best friendship.

By Kristyn Pomranz

Lots of little kids dream of growing up and becoming veterinarians. (Or, if you’re us, veterinarians that are also rollerskating teachers at night.) But few are actually capable of attending to animals at such a tender age.

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The exception? Four-year-old Laura Olivia and her dog, Charlie. The beagle started limping after he injured his paw on a frozen blade of grass, so Laura came to his aid. With her Doc McStuffins doctor’s coat firmly In place, she attentively wraps the scratch with gauze and promisees Charlie that everything would be okay. (And when Charlie stubbornly removes the wrap, Laura, like any good doctor, patiently reapplies and covers it with a sock.)

And, of course, she administered the best medicine of all: kisses, hugs, and snuggly blankets.

Laura’s father told The Dodo, “He is fine. It was a small scratch, but Laura likes to keep him healthy.” You can keep up with Laura and Charlie’s special friendship on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

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