The Cyrus Family Has So Many Pets That We Almost Had to Do Algebra to Write This Post

The Cyrus Family Has So Many Pets That We Almost Had to Do Algebra to Write This Post

Untangling this web of pets has wre-eee-eeecked us.

By Stacy Lenz

The Cyrus family loves three things: music, design, and animals. Especially animals. They really loveanimals. (Well, maybe not all animals. As seen on the first episode of Cyrus vs. Cyrus: Design and Conquer, Tish just about loses her mind when she finds a fake spider Brandi hid in a home they were decorating.)

But arachnids aside, the Cyrus’s love of pets is legendary—so legendary that we wanted to take a look into the family’s furry friends. But as we fell down an Instagram rabbit hole of Cyrus family members’ downright adorable pups and other critters, we started to get confused: WHO. ARE. ALL. THESE. DOGS? There is a veritable Yours, Mine and Ours of Cyrus dogs, all happily romping and playing together, but the more we tried to sort them out, the more we slowly morphed into the meme of that woman trying to figure out a math problem.

Before we report our findings, let us preface by saying: For as much as Tish and Brandi know about design and furniture, they better know even more about how to remove large amounts of dog fur from said furniture. Now let’s start to untangle this web.

Tish—the matriarch of the family—is also the matriarch of this dog pack! Pretty much all of Tish’s granddogs appear in her Twitter feed, but none more than German Shepard, Mate, who may or may not be Tish’s. Tish and Billy Ray originally got Mate for Miley because they wanted her to have a German Shepard, like Billy Ray’s beloved German Shepard, Tex. (She may or may not have a dog named Bogey as well?)

Happy Boy after his hike! #nashville #mate

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Nashville Bound #Bogey #samson #Tn #rescuepup #adoptdontshop

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Brandi inherited her mama’s love of animals. She is an avid horse rider with a horse named Ever and she also has a German Shepard named Feather.

Hangin' with my favorite 🦄

A post shared by Brandi Cyrus (@brandicyrus) on

Noah Cyrus has her own pup, Samson, who frequently hangs out with mama Tish and all her doggie cousins.

thanks @peta2 @peta

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Cyrus brothers Braison and Trace are also dog lovers and frequently take to Instagram to show off their respective pups. Braison is dog dad to Odie and Trace has two pups named Nanook and Ashland.

He lets me sleep on him when I'm sick 🤒 #nationalpuppyday

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Follow us here on our NEW Instagram account and tell us how cute we are!!! 🐾❤️🐾❤️

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And then there’s Miley, who, out of everyone, has the most eclectic menagerie of pets. Miley’s pets include four dogs—Emu, Mary Jane, Bean, Happy—a pig named Pig, and two cats, Keke and LiLo. It is hard to keep up though, as she appears to have a revolving door of rescue animals. Eh, who can blame her for welcoming more animals into her home? She’s just being Miley. 

Just another day at the office

A post shared by Liam Hemsworth (@liamhemsworth) on

A post shared by Miley Cyrus (@mileycyrus) on

And while we are at it, Liam Hemsworth has two rescue dogs, Tani and Dora, that live with him and Miley.

Love these girls. #rescuedogs

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We can’t promise these are all of the Cyrus’ pets, and most likely since you’ve started reading this, one of them has probably adopted a new dog. But we, for one, cannot wait to see that cute, happy pup pop up all over social media.

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