This Newlywed Traveled the World Getting Advice on How to Be Married - Here's What Happened

This Newlywed Traveled the World Getting Advice on How to Be Married - Here's What Happened

Author Jo Piazza found a lot of answers. 

By Marianne Garvey

San Francisco-based author and travel writer Jo Piazza was on another work trip, this time to the Galapagos Islands, where she would unexpectedly meet her husband-to-be. The two hit it off and were engaged three months later.

Just one problem. The never-married Jo had no clue how to be married. Sure, she’d been in relationships, but this was marriage, and she wanted to make it work. So she used the powers at hand—her travels and her interviewing skills—to seek advice from couples across multiple continents, about what makes their marriage work. She took her now-husband along, and the two also treated their travels like a year-long honeymoon.

Her resulting book, “How to Be Married,” is filled with unbelievable stories of love, along with hilarious ways people see marriage across the world.

Jo, now expecting her first baby with her hubby, says she learned that a little mystery, keeping your independence, and going to bed angry are all among the lessons she learned.

In France, she learned accepting the idea of a mistress for your husband wasn’t usually the case. Instead, French women advised her to act like a mistress, keep it sexy, put on makeup for her husband.

The Dutch put away their cell phones when they were with their partners. Hello, America. Are you listening? No, because you’re probably on your phone.

In Kenya and Tanzania, polygamist tribes taught Jo and her husband about having a solid community.

She spoke to Orthodox Jewish women in Jerusalem about their sex lives, which usually follows the quality over quantity rule.

And never go to bed angry?

Yes, you can. Jo says men in both Qatar and Scotland told her to go to sleep. Staying up all night fighting is bad for your heath and relationship. Revisit it in the morning.

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