Nigel the Kitten Has No Nose, Is Still Cute

Nigel the Kitten Has No Nose, Is Still Cute

Noses are overrated.    

By Brienne Walsh

Who says you need a nose to be adorable? Nigel the kitten, who was found in a dumpster in Boston, certainly doesn’t.

Nigel was found with his face fully intact when he was six weeks old. His savior brought him to the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (MSPCA). A week later, part of his face fell off. His rescuers were shocked — although his face was discolored, they thought he merely had an upper respiratory infection.

In fact, he had likely suffered some sort of facial trauma — whether it was getting his face stuck in a can, or being bitten by a larger animal.

Fortunately, the injury proved to be cosmetic rather than fatal. With the help of foster parents, the MSPCA nursed him back to health. According to, Nigel will undergo reconstructive surgery today to close the gap left by the injury — the kitten is not in any pain, but it’s hard for him to eat and drink.

The good news is that we’ll be able to watch Nigel’s recovery on his Instagram account, NoNoseNigel, which is updated regularly, and already has over 2,600 followers. The photographs on it are like, beyond. Little Nigel sleeping! Little Nigel playing with a tennis ball that’s way too big for him! Little Nigel with a little bunny! Enough, our hearts can’t take it!

To view more photographs of Nigel recovering from his injury, and becoming a regular kitten, see below.

Nigel when he first arrived at his foster home.

Nigel the day after his face fell off while his foster mother was giving him a steam bath.

Nigel being comforted by his canine foster sister.

Nigel becoming a regular kitten.

Who nose how to play better than me? #nonosenigel #mspcaboston #foster #catsofinstagram

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Nigel makes friends with a bunny!

Nigel proving that noses aren’t necessary for cuteness.

Nigel nose he looks better every day! #mspca #mspcaboston #adopt #kitten #nonosenigel

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Nigel in an obstacle course!

Nigel with the tennis ball.

Nigel makes a canine friend!

Nigel getting ready for surgery.

Prepping for surgery! #mspca #mspcaboston #nonosenigel #kitten #surgery

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