Olivia Munn's Worst Flight Ever Involved Third-Degree Burns: "I Sat There Sobbing!"

Olivia Munn's Worst Flight Ever Involved Third-Degree Burns: "I Sat There Sobbing!"

And she's calling out the airline by name.

By Alesandra Dubin

These days, you could easily be forgiven if you think your flight experience is the worst one in history: Maybe you flew next to a pantsless passenger, or you had no working toilet on a 16-hour nonstop flight amid hundreds of other passengers. Or, perhaps you got kicked off a flight for wearing leggings, or even dragged, bloody, from your overbooked seat. Or... perhaps you lost a beloved pet in transit. A lot is going wrong up there these days.

But Olivia Munn could actually be in the running for one of the worst flight stories of all time — and hers involved significant injuries.

"The craziest worst travel experience that I’ve had is [when] I was going from Toronto in the winter to Costa Rica," she told Jet Set (clip above) at an event for Chef’s Cut Real Jerky in Los Angeles. "And I was on this United flight, and United has the oldest planes, and we’re sitting there and it’s freezing."

You'd think the cabin crew might be able to adjust the temperature? Apparently not: "This flight attendant wouldn't turn the heat on for some reason, and we’re freezing to the point where were shivering," Olivia recalled. "Everybody was so cold."

She came up with a low-tech but potentially effective solution: "I asked them if I could have just a cup of hot water to hold, and [a flight attendant] gave me the most scalding hot water without a lid or anything on it."

Yes, you can see where this is going. "There was turbulence, and it flew out of my hands," she said. "Third-degree burns on my arm — and my friend sitting next to me had burns all over her. I literally sat there sobbing. It was the most painful experience."

So there you have it, people with minor flight inconveniences: Olivia has you beat. "It’s not like a delayed flight, it’s not missing a flight… it’s being burned with scalding-hot water!"

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