Paris Could Soon Have Naked City Parks

Paris Could Soon Have Naked City Parks

It would give visitors an Eiffel — er, an eyeful.

By Aly Walansky

Although its reputation was further tarnished this week as Kim Kardashian became a victim of a violent crime, Paris is often considered a place of abundant beauty and indulgent lifestyles. And soon it could lean ever more in that direction — if it approves plans for nude parks!

Indeed, members of the Paris City Council are considering a plan that would create designated park spaces for people to enjoy without any clothes on. This proposal, to discuss designating public park or garden space to nudists or those who just feel like being nude that day, comes via the Green Party (because what’s more natural and green than your birthday suit?!). And it's actually getting some high-level support.

“France is the world’s top destination for naturists, and every year two million Germans, Dutch, Britons, and Belgians come to the country for its nudist beaches. It shouldn’t be impossible to accommodate them in Paris too,” Green councilor David Belliard, one of the sponsors of the proposal, told France 24.

And Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo thinks the idea is “très sympa” — meaning nice or fun.

Public nudity is actually currently a crime in Paris, punishable by a fine of as much as $16,800 or a year in prison. However, there’s certain designated areas of nudity approved, such as a swimming pool that allows nudity on certain designated nights throughout the week and a nudist pop-up restaurant in the works following the restaurant's smashing success in London.

Should the proposal be approved, these nudist areas could exist as soon as next summer.

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