Peanut Butter Lasagna?! Before You Say "Nope," You've Got to Try This Crazy-Good Dessert Hack

Peanut Butter Lasagna?! Before You Say "Nope," You've Got to Try This Crazy-Good Dessert Hack

Forget every other dessert lasagna you've seen: This easy 5-ingredient version is a game-changer.

By Bryce Gruber

Sure, dessert lasagnas are having a moment, but however you feel about them, this sticky-sweet, creamy-crunchy, chocolate-peanut butter version is the one you didn't even know you've been waiting for. This fast and easy, no-bake hack is what happens when a cake and candy explosion meets the traditional elements of a layered lasagna dish. Sound ill-advised? Of course. And totally delicious? Oh yes.

Food blogger Danielle Baron of created this magical concoction after noticing the obvious void in the peanut butter-lasagna-dessert world. "I was inspired by seeing so many fruity dessert lasagnas and chocolate ones, but I thought why are there none for peanut butter? I knew the peanut butter lovers needed one of their own." She got right to work. "Starting with peanut butter cookies and layering on more peanut butter, candy, and whipped cream can only make it bigger and better."

Her recipe calls for Nutter Butter cookies (remember those?), whipped topping (either real or the faux stuff at the grocery store), peanut butter cups, vanilla pudding and melted peanut butter—basically all the things you have wild fantasies about as you eat your boring salad for lunch. The recipe is fairly versatile, too, allowing for swaps like fresh, homemade whipped cream, natural peanut butter, and even dark chocolate peanut butter cups.

The best part of this dessert isn't just that it's sweet, velvety, rich and all-around awesome. It's that it needs zero time in the oven, which means you can eat it up in minutes. Sold.

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