You Know the Old Saying: April Showers Bring A BUNCH OF PUPPIES IN RAINCOATS!!!

You Know the Old Saying: April Showers Bring A BUNCH OF PUPPIES IN RAINCOATS!!!

Who needs a SAD light when we’ve got these doggos?

By Kristyn Pomranz

Whelp, it’s April. And you know what that means: The neverending dance with your weather app where it says tomorrow will be 58 and partly sunny, but then you wake up and it is actually 42 and rainy. And even though it happens every single day, your naïveté wins out and you optimistically wear a light hoodie, and then you’re drenched and freezing and you vow that by next April you will have moved to Long Beach, CA like your genius friend Amy.

ANYWAY, the rain is truly terrible except for one wonderful side effect: Dogs dressing up in their finest raincoats. It’s just so stinkin’ cute when dogs wear vinyl that we almost, almost want it to rain. JK, NEVER, but it is enough to cheer us up on these dreariest of days. So here’s a round-up of our favorite poncho-wearin’ pups to bring you out of your cloudy-day funk.

Take that, hurricane season! 🐶☔️ #PuppyPoncho

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Rain, rain go away... 🎼🎶🎵 #dogsinraincoats #wetdogs #corgiworld

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Rainy Saturday ☔️🐶 \\ #hudson #rainyday #florida #dogsofinstagram #dogsinraincoats

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Rainy day!!!! #strikeapose #rain #rainyday #happyhumpday #humpday #wednesday #dogsinraincoats

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Maybe I can will the rain away by lookin' cute. 🌧🐶☺️🌤 #rainyday #theochangthepug #lookingcute #feelingcute

A post shared by Theodore Sigmund Clayton Chang (@theochang_thepug) on

#itspouring #canwebedonewiththepicturesalready #iamnotamused

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Midnight walks in the rain ☔️ #dogsinraincoats #whatagoodgirl

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Bea is ready! #letsdothis #cutestfrogdogever #dogsinraincoats #cruisincanines

A post shared by Cruisin' Canines (@cruisincanines) on

Hurricane Matthew ready #bostonterrier #otis #hurricanematthew #puppyponcho

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