Serena Williams Hid Her Pregnancy From Her Coach When She Played The Australian Open

Serena Williams Hid Her Pregnancy From Her Coach When She Played The Australian Open

And she still won. 

By Personal Space Staff

Serena Williams deliberately did not tell her longtime coach about her pregnancy ahead of the Australian Open.

After taking six pregnancy tests to confirm she actually was pregnant, the tennis champ won again, but coach Patrick Mouratoglou hadn’t a clue she was pregnant, he says.

During an appearance on Good Morning Britain, Patrick, 47, said he was actually angry she didn’t tell him what was going on.

“Not at all, and I'm angry she didn't tell me,” he said. “I think she was herself so surprised, she didn't expect it. I think she kind of panicked. I mean it's crazy to be ready to play a major and find out that you're pregnant a few days before. So I think she thought, ‘OK let's not say anything and pretend I'm not and see what's happening,’ and she won the tournament.”

Serena is still practicing with her baby bump, with Patrick saying, “She played yesterday and the day before so mentally she's already preparing for her comeback. But you never know, once she has the baby in her arms we'll see how she feels.”

He wasn’t sure she’d be back after giving birth, saying, “I mean it's very difficult to say. I'm not a woman. But I know for a woman to have a baby it changes completely your life. But we're speaking on a regular basis with Serena and she definitely wants to come back, she's talking about it all the time.”

He attributes Serena’s many wins to her “mental strength.”

“She's mentally completely different,” he says.

Under his coaching Serena has gone on to win ten grand slam titles and two Olympic gold medals.

“She was already an incredible champion when she came to me,” Patrick adds.

Serena, 35, is expecting her first baby with fiancé Alexis Ohanian, 33, a tech entrepreneur who co-founded Reddit.

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