Hour-Long Sex Breaks From Work? It's Actually Being Considered In Some Places

Hour-Long Sex Breaks From Work? It's Actually Being Considered In Some Places

Go ahead, skip lunch, get frisky in the middle of the day. 

By Marianne Garvey

As if work wasn’t exhausting enough.

Now employees are being encouraged to go get it on in the middle of the day—with their own partner.

Sweden is pressing for a one-hour paid break from work for employees to go home and have sex with their partners.

One city council wants to improve people's relationships, hoping it will lead to better work output.

"There are studies that show sex is healthy," Per-Erik Muskos, a 42-year-old city employee for the town of Övertorneå, told the AFP news agency after presenting the motion."It's about having better relationships.”

While he said that he can’t be sure employees are breaking to get frisky, he’s still encouraging getting naughty in the middle of the day.

"You can't guarantee that a worker doesn't go out for a walk instead," he said.

He sees no “no reason” why the motion wouldn't pass. The council argues that midday sex also counts as exercise, and that it would inspire couples to have kids, which would boost Sweden’s population.

Swedish full-time employees worked the least in Europe with only 1,685 hours on average in 2015, according to a study by economic research institute Coe-Rexecode.

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