Meet The Real Shelter Dogs of New Jersey: The New Cast!

Meet The Real Shelter Dogs of New Jersey: The New Cast!

These dogs are so cute someone should be arrested!

By Stacy Lenz

New Jersey is famous for a lot of things: big hair, boardwalks, dubious spellings of the word “posche” (pronounced posh, natch), and women who drink lobster bisque out of a straw. (We love you Siggy Flicker!) And while we look forward to all that and more on the upcoming season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, we are bringing you a fix of New Jersey excitement early courtesy of One Love Animal Rescue

Today’s installment of The Real Shelter Dogs do not technically hail from a shelter, but instead One Love Animal Rescue is comprised of a network of volunteers who foster animals rescued from overcrowded shelters. In addition to finding the rescued animals forever homes, they also focus on rehabilitation before rehoming the dogs, giving them the training, care and love they need to be successful Good Dogs.

And now, grab your soup straw and meet your Real Shelter Dogs, complete with opening-credits worthy taglines!


Take a chance on me, I’m a shore thing.Duke

Duke is a 7-year-old shepherd-hound mix. He weighs 75 pounds, is house- and crate-trained and gets along with most dogs. Duke is great on a leash, plus he loves to snuggle, go for walks—and he can even paddle board!


I'm living the American dream, one trip to the park at a time.Diva

Diva is a 7-year-old lab terrier mix. She is house- and crate-trained and just happens to be blind. Diva loves all people but is terrified of other dogs and cats so she needs to be the only pet. Diva is able to be off-leash in the nearby state park as she listens well to verbal commands.


I was raised Jersey strong. Nothing in this life can shake me, not even guinea pigs.Jenny

Jenny is a 5-year-old terrier mix and is house- and crate-trained. Jenny loves all people, has the most adorable head tilt ever, and previously lived peacefully with guinea pigs.

To me, trust is everything and I trust you’ll want to take me home.Red

Red is our sweet and silly senior. He is an American bulldog terrier mix who loves kids and people (and most dogs). He is house- and crate-trained, but is very trustworthy left outside of a crate. 

“Dogs don’t gamble, but if you say I’m not cute, I will call your bluff.Logan

Logan is an 18-month-old terrier mix who loves people and most other dogs. He is house- and crate-trained and ready be part of an active family.


I don’t throw any punches, but look into my eyes and you’ll see I’m a knockout.Maia

Maia is an adorable one-year-old terrier with the greenest eyes. Maia is house- and crate-trained. She gets along with most dogs and listens very well to commands. 


Please visit to learn more about this organization or to adopt one of these pups. Interested applicants need to be within a 90-minute radius of Philadelphia, PA and can email for more information.

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