Forget the Mile-High Club: Study Shows Airport Sex Is More Popular Than We All Knew

Forget the Mile-High Club: Study Shows Airport Sex Is More Popular Than We All Knew

If you're opting for a cup of coffee and a stop at Hudson News... you're doing it wrong.

By Aly Walansky

Anyone who has ever stood in an airplane bathroom’s super constricted space, with barely enough room maneuver to wash their hands, might have wondered just who is limber enough to engage in the activities of the much-fabled mile-high club. And for those who just can't quite picture it, there is another, roomier aviation-related option for getting busy — and apparently it's happening on the regular.

Yes, we're talking about airport sex, and a new study by found one in 10 fliers admit to having had sex in an airport. And that's a lot!

Of those having sex in the airport, according to the study, 42 percent have found an empty bathroom, and 28 percent went for a storage closet. Another 12 percent have gone at it in a V.I.P. lounge — for a touch of class.

Curiously, 14 percent are having sex under a coat. (Wait, what?)

Of those respondents who have had sex in an airport, 17 percent said they have been caught.

“I don't think it's that surprising that one in 10 people report having had sex at the airport,” says psychologist and relationship expert Antonia Hall. "Just the act of traveling can create a mental separation from the real world. What better way to begin or end the adventure than with an act of forbidden naughtiness? Sex in public is a common fantasy because of its taboo nature. It's an act of rebellion allowing for a deeply heightened experience."

The obvious go-to place is a bathroom. “If one can find an unlocked storage closet, that would also be an easy place to slip away for a risqué quickie. Those managing to get it on under a coat are all the more daring and adventurous!” Hall says.

The study, which was actually about how to pass time in the airport, also found that people enjoy shopping or drinking when they have a delay.

Hey, whatever floats your boat.

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