The World's Longest Flight Is Now Longer Than Some Americans' Whole Vacations

The World's Longest Flight Is Now Longer Than Some Americans' Whole Vacations

Only slightly hyperbolic.

By Alesandra Dubin

Charge up those electronics, because there's a new record for longest flight leg in the world — and the duration is pretty eye popping. Call it even nightmarish for people who are scared to fly, or just get plain beat down by long-haul air travel.

Qatar Airways has launched the world's longest flight, from Doha, Qatar to Auckland, New Zealand. Total time in transit? A whopping 17 hours and 30 minutes, which covers a distance of 9,032 miles.

For U.S. travelers from Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Dallas, Philadelphia, Boston, Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, and Washington, D.C., the new offering means even more access to Auckland, which becomes the first New Zealand city served by Qatar Airways, and joins its network that already includes about 150 destinations.

Passengers planning to travel to New Zealand are encouraged to include a stopover in Doha; a new transit visa scheme offers visitors a free transit visa for up to 96 hours, so it's now easy to see historic, posh Doha and New Zealand too.

However, the new flight options may not excite all Americans... given just how few vacation days we are known to earn and then actually use in this country. Many Americans get just 10 vacation days annually from employers, and then go on to collectively waste 658 billion of that paltry sum.

Many of us are squeezing short little vacations into weekends — and hey, if you're in a place like Las Vegas, that's not much of a sacrifice — but 24 or even 36 hours spent in a staycation practically nears the duration of this new flight.

New Zealanders, by the way? Well, they're required by law to earn at least 30 vacation days annually, tied for the sixth highest in the world. So you might consider making the long trip there... and then taking up residency where holidays are prized!

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