These Couples Had a Huge Fight At Another Person's Wedding

These Couples Had a Huge Fight At Another Person's Wedding

Someone else's big day may mean a huge fight is in store. 

By Marianne Garvey

It was refreshing—and sad—when both Kim Kardashian and Chrissy Teigen admitted to each other that they both fought with their husbands on the other’s wedding day. 

In an “Inner Circle" video for her app, Kim, 35, said that she fought with Kanye over text about feeling fat and not being able to make the wedding after the birth of North West. Chrissy said she and John Legend had “the biggest fight you’ve ever seen” at Kim’s wedding and that Chrissy was fuming as her husband was crooning for the newlyweds.

We asked real life couples if they’d ever had their own fight at another couple’s wedding—and it seems it happens often. 

Stacy, from Long Island, says dancing started her war of words

“I got drunk and my boyfriend was sandwiched on a Conga line between two women,” she explains. “I got pissed and wanted in on the Conga line but he wouldn't let me. I stormed off dance floor as my thigh highs started rolling down my legs. I sat down and pouted. Boyfriend came over and commented on how hot the Conga b***hes are. Game over. I stormed out. Locked him out of hotel room. Alcohol and Conga lines don't mix.”

Beth and Joe, from Miami, attended a destination wedding for Joe’s friends when it all went wrong, a mutual friend of the couple’s says. 

“Beth doesn’t know the couple well. She decides that it would be optimal to eat nothing all day, and drink the island’s supply of frozen drinks,” Joe’s friend says. “Beth arrives at the wedding with a beer in hand and asks everyone in a voice that is not quite a whisper, ‘when will this damn ceremony be over already so I can get a drink?’ The reception commences and she proceeds to get so wasted she has a minor emotional breakdown during the first dance. Emotional breakdown includes telling Joe’s friends about their personal problems. Her drunken disorderly behavior gets her thrown out of the wedding.”

Mark, 32, from New York, says he and his girlfriend Carey ran into a similar problem.

“Carey survives on a liquid diet and decides that this is the night to rant about how I haven’t proposed,” he says. “She begins to avoid me and ignore me high school style, until a handful of wedding-goers intervened and offered a mini-therapy session to diffuse the impending breakup while the happy couple is giving heartfelt speeches.”

Andrea, 37, says she witnessed a couple break up—at the wedding. 

“A guy was selected from the group to pull the garter off of the bride’s leg,” she laughs. “His girlfriend freaks out, says it’s inappropriate and breaks up with him—at the wedding!”

Cate, 28, from Brooklyn, describes her emotional wedding fight in detail. 

“It was the beginning of the end for me and my ex. Last May, one of my best childhood friends was getting married in a beautiful, big, beachside wedding. My ex and I had already been arguing, and I think I already knew in my heart that he wasn't the one,” she says. “At the ceremony, I couldn't stop myself from crying. Part of me was elated that my amazing friend had found an amazing partner, and the other half of me realized that the man sitting next to me was not my lifelong partner. I didn’t want to exchange these vows with him. So there I am, sobbing my eyes out, and he didn't hold my hand. He didn't so much as look at me. Don't you think if you really love someone after three years, you hold their hand while they're crying at their best friend's wedding? At cocktail hour I chugged a few glasses of white wine and stupidly asked him why he hadn't held my hand. S**t hit the fan. He was an emotional bully when he drank. I should have known better, but he reacted in a much larger way than even I expected. He stormed off, calling me ridiculous. We pacified the situation for most of the reception. But we basically ignored each other. Surrounded by such much love, and all of my friends who were in love, I was so depressed and desperate to felt what my friend felt on the alter. Towards the end of the reception I couldn't even find my ex. He had disappeared and wasn’t answering my phone calls or texts. When it was time to get on the shuttle bus back to the hotel, I said ‘f**k it' and left without him. I was so embarrassed. Back at the hotel, he finally showed up to our room while I was changing for the after party, and well, let's just say it got worse. He said he was glad that our apartment lease we shared was only month-to-month because we needed to break up. He dragged me through our past issues, it was one of the worst nights of my life. Our room had two beds and we slept separately after hours of stupid, drunk, emotional fighting.  We stayed together for two more months before I finally left him.”

And she offers up some advice.  

“Moral of the story...emotions + drinking is never a good mix. Especially not at an emotional charged occasion. Leave your sh**ty boyfriend at home.”

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Personal Space is Bravo's home for all things "relationships," from romance to friendships to family to co-workers. Ready for a commitment? Then Like us on Facebook to stay connected to our daily updates.

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