Travel Savvy: Here's How to Avoid 4 Common Beauty Mistakes on Vacation

Travel Savvy: Here's How to Avoid 4 Common Beauty Mistakes on Vacation

Beauty game tight, all over the globe.

For all of the time you might spend primping and prepping prior to vacay, why make beauty mistakes during your travels that undo it all... and create a laundry list of recovery to-dos for reentry? Avoiding the following common vacation-beauty mistakes — and look as good as you feel before, during, and after your next trip.

1. Too Much Sun

Sun damage tops the list here because inadequate sun protection can cause painful — and unhealthy — skin damage, speed the skin’s aging and spur wrinkles, and lead to skin cancer. So this is an incredibly important facet of your beauty that cannot go unacknowledged while traveling... even for those who never burn and love your gorgeous golden tan.

To manage sun exposure, wear SPF all the time, everywhere. A good start is to make sure your makeup includes coverage. Use a tinted moisturizer every day, like this option from Physician’s Formula or this one from Suntegrity. Look for makeup that layers on SPF, too. 

Whether your burn, tan, or freckle in the sun, know that all of it is a form on skin damage and treat your skin kindly in the aftermath. So remember to soothe your skin once it has been in the sun: Slather on some trusted aloe vera after exposure for good measure. 

Regardless of how much SPF you’re wearing, be sure to protect your skin from the sun in other ways, too. Wear long light layers, sun hats, and use umbrellas when possible to help shield you from the sun. You may even opt for clothing made with sun-protecting fabric.

2. Getting Dehydrated

Hydration plays a major role in beauty. Becoming dehydrated — which can happen, for instance, when you drink too much alcohol or caffeine — can come with a steep beauty price: the expedited aging of the skin.

To manage the problem, drink water regularly. That can be more easily said than done, but bringing something like this option from Klean Kanteen along with you wherever you go should help with the task, or use a water-tracking app.

Negate dehydrating choices with water. Have a glass for every alcoholic or caffeinated beverage you consume. Drink water after exercising and before meals. If you think you’re hungry, first drink some water: Dehydration often feels like hunger to us.

Plan ahead for places with hard-to-get water. If you’ll be traveling to a place where the tap water isn’t safe, cover your bases by bringing bottled water with you or procuring it as one of your first stops on the trip. Make sure you always have a bottle with you and don’t skimp on it just because drinking that many bottles of water a day might not feel natural to you — you and your skin both need the (safe) hydration.

3. Dismissing DIY Solutions

Sometimes, in some places, and under certain traveling time constraints, you just can’t get to a spa or salon to revitalize your hair, nails, or skin. When you’re in these situations, turn your hotel bathroom into a spa and keep your beauty regimen in check.

A little bit of sugar or salt from the hotel’s kitchen can work wonderfully as an impromptu scrub. If you can get your hands on some avocado, oatmeal, or even especially good local clay, make your own face mask. Coconut oil can go a long way in protecting your hair from all of the wind/sand/sun damage it might be taking on while vacationing.

If you have the wherewithal to pack some things in advance for a DIY spa in the hotel bathroom, look to companies like Lush, which keep most things pretty simple and natural while still travel-friendly (solid perfumes, soaps, and shampoos are perfect for getting through security).

4. Binging on Heavy Food

Some of us travel for the love of food. Maybe you’re traveling to a far-flung place with a cuisine that’s new to you, or perhaps you’ll be going all out with fine dining every chance you get. But plenty of people forget the simple adage “you are what you eat” while on vacation and go way overboard with binging on unhealthy food, which often makes them feel gross — not something you want to feel while in a swimsuit. Instead of over-indulging in foods that are heavy on your system, consider eating one “vacation” meal per day and keeping the others relatively clean. You’ll feel better for it, and you’ll look better too — from the way your skin glows to the way your jeans fit.

Eating clean might be easier if you focus on eating local — especially when you're in a warm place with lots of ripe native fruits and veggies.

Try to have a smoothie each day while on vacation as an easy and refreshing way to up your plant intake. 

Go easy on the bread and hard on the salad. When we sit down already hungry in a restaurant (which is usually the case), we tend to devour quite a bit of whatever is in front of our faces before the entrees arrive. If the restaurant offers a bread basket, either skip it completely or take just one piece and hand it back to the waiter. Consider ordering a salad soon after you're seated to begin filling your tummy with nutrient-dense food before the "vacation" food arrives. 
Got all of this? Good. Now get out there and slay vacay.

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