Proof That Tinder is Actually Good for Something: Twin Cat Brothers Reunited

Proof That Tinder is Actually Good for Something: Twin Cat Brothers Reunited

Guess they were a purr-fect match? (Sorry.)

By Kristyn Pomranz

Some say that Tinder is where romance goes to die. You swipe through faces with little-to-no information about who is on the other side. How are you to know if you like the same TV shows, or have the same passion for canoeing, or you’re both dog people or cat people?

Honestly, the odds of having anything in common with a swipe are minimal. So when Tinder matchees Cathleen Cavin and Brian Herrera discovered that they had quite literally identical cats, they were shocked to say the least.

[Courtesy of Petaluma Animal Services]

Cavin told the story of how she showed up at Herrera’s house for their first date and saw his cat, Ozzy—who looked exactly like her cat, Butter. After she remarked, “You have my cat!” the pair deduced that their pets were twin brothers that had been separated at a shelter.

Cavin recalled Butter having a brother, but she couldn’t adopt them together due to her landlord’s renting restrictions. So the sibling stayed and soon enough was adopted by Herrera. As crazy as it may seem, the couple has since visited the Petaluma Animal Services shelter and confirmed that their cats are brothers.

“Unbelievable fate!” Cavin told Lovemeow. “Brian and I have been together ever since our first date, and now we not only found our soulmates, the cats are back together.”

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