Washington's Latest Scandal: Your Tax Dollars Are Paying to Help Baby Ducklings

Washington's Latest Scandal: Your Tax Dollars Are Paying to Help Baby Ducklings

Make Ducklings Safe Again. #MDSA

By Stacy Lenz

The biggest Washington scandal of all time is unfolding right before our very eyes!

Okay, maybe we are being a smidge hyperbolic, so let’s amend that:

The biggest Washington scandal involving tiny baby ducks is unfolding right before our eyes!

The Capitol Reflecting Pool—best known for its scene in Forrest Gump—is home to teeny, tiny ducklings; ducklings so very small that they can’t even reach the reflecting pool. Luckily, two ramps were installed by the office of the Architect of the Capitol to help the ducks cruise to the pool as nature intended.

The ramps were installed with help from City Wildlife, an area non-profit that helps local sick and injured animals. They had noticed that several families of mallards have made the pool their home, but the baby ducklings' feet couldn’t reach the bottom, specifically when getting out of the pool. Tourists were seeing the ducklings struggle near the water and would help them into the reflecting pool, but without further assistance, the ducklings wouldn’t be able to get out on their own. (There is a high wall at the edge of the pool, which was stressful and dire for the young ducks!) Luckily for them (and all of us!), the ducklings can now enter and exit the pool as they please—and they look totally adorable doing so!

And since nothing can happen in D.C. without controversy, there has been a bit of pushback from some representatives about whether or not government funds should be used to assist ducks. But by and large, we can’t find any reason to begrudge these adorable quackers their safety and happiness.

Instead, let us cross this party line and propose an amendment to do away with both political parties mascots—goodbye donkey, goodbye elephant—and unify them with one mascot: THE DUCKLING. Why not? It’s not like the Capitol has anything else going on right now.

Sweet little family at the #capitalreflectingpool #dc #ducks #babyanimals

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