Vanderpump Dogs Hosted an Aerial Yoga Class—Complete With Puppies!

Vanderpump Dogs Hosted an Aerial Yoga Class—Complete With Puppies!

Aerial ribbons + puppies = Instagram gold.

By Kristyn Pomranz

First there was Cat Yoga. Then there was Goat Yoga. Up next was Bunny Yoga. But now it’s time for the Animal Yoga trend to officially stop, because Vanderpump Dogs just won the game—with Puppy Aerial Yoga.

Vanderpump Dogs has never been your average animal rescue. The shelter is sparkly, pink, and adorned with chandeliers, and it also offers elaborate dog spa and grooming services that give back 100% to animal welfare. And the bright and shiny approach is definitely working—its unconventional style has become something of a guerilla marketing campaign, and in turn, they’ve already rescued and adopted over 110 dogs!

So it’s no surprise that they slayed the animal yoga craze. Instead of normal yoga, they went for the very fashionable (and very Instagrammable) aerial yoga (courtesy of AIR Los Angeles, which uses hanging silk hammocks to elevate the cardio, strengthening, and toning of typical yoga). And, of course, they brought in a slew of the cutest puppies in town.

The charity event fully benefitted Vanderpump Dogs and even included SWAG: “Enjoy giftbags from @credobeauty, water from @blkwater, special @airfitlosangeles sweat towels and best of all – PUPPIES!” 

And the pictures were, of course, incredible (be sure to scroll!):

We can’t wait to see what Vanderpump Dogs has up its sleeve for its next marketing campaign—maybe their own private island full of puppies?! (Yes, please.)

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