Visit These 9 Places From Your Favorite TV Shows IRL

Visit These 9 Places From Your Favorite TV Shows IRL

Life imitates art.

By Lindsay Tigar
Though many of your favorite TV shows took place on a set somewhere tucked away in Los Angeles, some scenes were actually shot at real locations, all around the globe. From home facades that attract tourists by the dozen to businesses that really reap profits from their iconic silver screen debuts, there are a variety of locations you can check off travel bucket list in real life. Even if you don’t plan a trip for the express purpose of seeing these sites, but simply happen to be in one of these towns, we won’t blame you if you can’t help but stop by (and snap a #sorrynotsorry selfie while you’re there):

1. Monks Cafe From Seinfeld

If you’re visiting New York sometime soon, take the uptown train to Columbia University, where a few blocks away, you’ll stumble across Tom’s Restaurant — or as you know it, Monks Cafe in Seinfeld. Just be warned: While the outside looks just the same as your fave 90s sitcom, the interior of the diner is completely different. Don’t worry though: If you want some memorabilia, you can go home with a T-shirt, baseball cap, and more from this cash-only Upper West Side destination.  

2. The White House From Breaking Bad

While there isn’t any meth being cooked up at 308 Negra Arroyo Lane in Albuquerque, New Mexico, there are 24-hour surveillance cameras because this infamous "White House" gets so many visitors. So many in fact, there’s actually a pretty awesome Yelp page with fun reviews — along with some fair warnings, like this one from John K. in New York: “The lady owner that everyone talks about in their reviews will probably be there when you go. She was there when I went and when everyone else that I know went. She seems to pretty much always be there. She will probably stare you down and she probably won't be friendly or welcoming to you. Just be respectful and stay on the street off her property and you will not have a problem.”

3. Bill’s House From True Blood

The gorgeous home featured in True Blood where Bill lives is called Roseneath Plantation and is in Gloster, Louisiana, about five hours North of New Orleans. The show wanted to film inside (and outside) of this 150-year-old home, but the owners of the estate weren’t too keen on the um, racy material. So, HBO built an exact replica in Santa Monica that’s used today. But if you want to snap a shot outside of the plantation, you can. It’s located 5030 Highway 5 and has a pretty rich history: It served as a hospital for injured soldiers during the Civil War. (Ironic since Bill was a soldier in the Civil War, eh?)

4. The Spellman House in Sabrina the Teenage Witch

The magical home for Sabrina and her crazy-cool aunts is located at 64 East Main Street in Freehold, New Jersey and welcomes visitors — as long as you’re quiet. In real life, the closets don’t lead to different worlds or glimpses into the future, but rather, the Victorian-style home now houses multiple businesses (smart idea for those '90s-kids who want to Snapchat Sabrina’s place). If you visit, don’t be too disappointed when you can’t strike up a convo with Salem.

5. Highclere Castle in Downton Abbey

Book ahead if you want to visit the iconic Highclere Castle in West Berkshire, England from Downton Abbey. The estate belongs to 8th Earl of Carnarvon and his wife, and they live there full-time, though certain parts of the castle are open to the public around 70 days a year. Check out the website to make sure you get the most out your fave period-era show.

6. Kingsroad in Game of Thrones

While this landmark may have been deemed dangerous by Lord Eddard Stark, Kingsroad — also known as the Dark Hedges for Northern Ireland — is actually safe. And beautiful. And did we mention, free?! Best in mid-spring to late-summer, take a stroll through this lane and admire the beech trees that were planted by the noble Stuart family in the eighteenth century.

7. Olivia Pope’s Office in Scandal

During Scandal, a lot happens in Olivia Pope’s office: murderers, politicians, and estranged family members (and of course, the president) show up often unannounced, leading the team to take on another crazy-entertaining case. Though Pope lives in the nation’s capital in the show, the actual office is atop the Palace Theater at 630 South Broadway in Los Angeles. We don’t blame you for grabbing some big sunglasses and an oversized coat (and maybe a glass of red wine?) to capture your Pope selfie.

8. Woodbury in The Walking Dead

If you’re a Walking Dead superfan, you may be trying to erase the memory of Woodbury from your mind. But if you want a glimpse of the cannibal town ran by the psychotic Governor, visit Main Street in Senoia, Georgia, about 50 miles South of Atlanta. It won’t have the gates and semi-automatic weapons to keep out zombies, but it will look almost identical to what you saw on the show. You’ll see plenty of Walking Dead memorabilia for sale along the street, too!  

9. Monica & Rachel’s Apartment in Friends

Die-hard Friends fans know the sad truth: that beautiful (and oddly spacious) New York apartment wasn’t actually in New York itself, but on a live-audience set in Los Angeles. However, the outside of the building shown in the iconic sitcom is in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village. On the corner of Grove and Bedford Street, look above the restaurant the Little Owl and you’ll see a familiar shot. (And psst: The fountain they all splash around in during the I’ll Be There For You theme is in Central Park, just a train ride away!)

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